Telephone communication has been restored for Sheriff’s Office facilities.

DUI Litter Pick-up Program


Correctional Services Center (CSC) Davidson County Sheriff’s Office

5117 Harding Place

Nashville, TN 37211

Contact Name / Phone #: Bonnie Prater @ 615.880.3897

Dates of Litter Removal

Friday and Saturday only from 6:00a – 2pm. Please arrive at the CSC no later than 5:50am to sign-in.

General Information

*In order to participate in the DUI litter removal, you are required to submit the fee of $132.00 paid to the DUI Division Department and bring proof of payment (given to you at the time of registration- see below) along with photo identification.

*In order to submit payment of $132.00 and to sign up for the 24 hours of litter pick up, please contact Stephanie Krivcher, DUI Probation Officer with State Trial Courts, at 615.862.5974 or via email at stephaniekrivcher@jis.nashville.org.

*You are required to complete the full day of litter removal in order to receive credit for that day.

*Should you miss a date of litter pick up that you were previously assigned, you have 90 days, from the last date you were originally scheduled to make up any date missed. This of course is with the permission of your probation officer.