Citations Booking

Changed Citation Dates (English)

Changed Citation Dates (Espanol)

A citation is issued to an offender as an alternative to incarceration for misdemeanor offenses. Once a citation is written the offender is given a booking date to appear. The booking process includes taking an offender’s fingerprints, mug shot, and entry of the offender’s information into the arrest system.

The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office currently processes State Misdemeanor Citations from 7 – 11 am at the A.A. Birch Court House, 408 2nd Ave N, room 1110.

Citation holders should arrive a few minutes before their appointed time and wait in line to have their copy of their citation paperwork collected.

Once the Citations Office has opened, citation holders in line will then have a seat in the first set of benches in the Citations Office and wait for their name to be called by one of the Citations Processors. When their name is called, citation holders will have 4 initial fingerprints taken to check for a previous arrest record in Davidson County.

After getting their initial prints taken, citation holders will then have a seat in the second set of benches in the Citations Office and wait for their name to be called to have either a full set of fingerprints and a picture taken or just a picture (citation holders with previous arrest records in Davidson County will only need to get a picture taken). The booking process in the Citations Office, from start to finish, generally takes about 30 – 45 minutes.

Once citation holders have had their picture taken, please wait in the hallway until you are called. This is where you will then be issued a court date from the District Attorney and return on that date. Citation holders must appear in court and see the judge to finish their court process or a Failure to Appear warrant will be issued against the citation holder.

Citations Booking phone: 615.880.3781 (calls answered during booking hours as available depending upon traffic)