In an effort to reduce chances of exposure to COVID-19, inmate visits will be video only. Exception: attorney visits.
Click here for full information on scheduling video visitation.

Correctional Development Center – Female (CDC-F)


The Correctional Development Center for Females (CDCF) houses Davidson County locally sentenced and pre-trial females. These women have access to an array of volunteer/community based services, licensed mental health staff, and certified treatment professionals. Restoration efforts for each woman is individualized and ongoing. The ultimate goal is to help each woman identify and strengthen the tools she needs – from a holistic perspective – to experience success before she re-enters her community.

Facility Address: 5113 Harding Place, Nashville TN 37211

Administrator: Ruby Joyner, 615-862-8227,

Visitation Building Address: 5115 B. Harding Place, Nashville, TN 37211 (Once on the correctional complex, follow orange arrows to the CDC)

Mailing Address: Davidson County Sheriff’s Office, PO Box 196383, Nashville TN 37219-6383

Phone: 615-880-3864
Capacity: 508
Security Status: Minimum, Medium, & Maximum

Video Visitation

“The Nashville Sheriff’s Office has partnered with Securus to offer inmate family and friends various ways to stay connected. Depending on facility availability, you can either pre-schedule your onsite visit or schedule to visit your loved one from anywhere using the free Securus app, computer or tablet. For more information, go to”