Inmate Mail




Records personnel verify the validity of all legal mail by contacting the attorney or firm listed on the return address. Mail determined to be suspicious will be opened and searched for contraband. If contraband is discovered, criminal charges may be pursued against the receiving inmate and/or the sender.




Mailing Instructions and Inmate Account Information

Inmate mail must be addressed as follows: Inmate’s name Inmate’s OCA number*
Nashville / Davidson County Sheriff’s Office
PO Box 196383
Nashville, TN 37219-6383

*The OCA number is listed as ‘CONTROL_NUMBER’ in the inmate search results

Items Accepted Through the Mail

  • All correspondence must be stamped and mailed through the United States Postal Service
  • Legal mail, letters, and standard greeting cards. *Attorneys will be contacted by DCSO staff to verify all legal mail, prior to delivery. Falsifying legal mail may result in criminal charges against the inmate listed as addressee.
  • Magazines, periodicals, soft back books and Bibles must be mailed directly from a commercial source such as the publisher, Internet Company or bookstore.
  • Only 35mm (millimeter) pictures are allowed. (No nudity or pornographic shots will be allowed)

Items Not Accepted Through the Mail

  • Inmate to inmate mail (unless it’s an immediate family member with prior approval).
  • Items such as stamps, envelopes, papers, etc. (these items may be purchased through inmate’s commissary)
  • Hard back books or Bibles
  • No Emergency Packages
  • Greeting cards with glitter or other embellishments

Released Inmates

Inmates who have been released from DCSO custody will be able to login to a website to download copies of their scanned mail.  The inmate must do so within 30 days of release from DCSO custody.  Inmates create the mail recovery PIN at the first log in to the digital mail center while incarcerated, but may request changes to the mail recovery PIN via the case manager.  To access scanned mail after release, the inmate uses the most recent version of the mail recovery PIN.

Instructions for Downloadable Mail