Inmate Mail

Mailing Instructions and Inmate Account Information

Inmate mail must be addressed as follows: Inmate’s name Inmate’s OCA number*
Nashville / Davidson County Sheriff’s Office
PO Box 196383
Nashville, TN 37219-6383

*The OCA number is listed as ‘CONTROL_NUMBER’ in the inmate search results

Items Accepted Through the Mail

  • All correspondence must be stamped and mailed through the United States Postal Service
  • Legal mail, letters, and cards.
  • Magazines, periodicals, soft back books and Bibles must be mailed directly from a commercial source such as the publisher, Internet Company or bookstore.
  • Only 35mm (millimeter) pictures are allowed. (No nudity or pornographic shots will be allowed)

Items Not Accepted Through the Mail

  • Inmate to inmate mail (unless it’s an immediate family member with prior approval).
  • Items such as stamps, envelopes, papers, etc. (these items may be purchased through inmate’s commissary)
  • Hard back books or Bibles
  • No Emergency Packages