Transition From Jail to Community

TJC Transition From Jail To Community

TJC Transition From Jail To Community

Mission Statement

As an innovative community based program of the DCSO the TJC Reentry Project is a collaborative effort with joint ownership between the local jail and community stakeholders that will strengthen families and homes by reducing recidivism and building safer communities.


The purpose of DCSO/TJC is to make a positive difference in the lives of offenders, their families and their communities, by providing professional support with one on one relationships. We strive to implement a system of care to achieve their highest potential by providing them with a committed staff, community agencies, caring volunteers, with a high standard of excellence.


The TJC Re-Entry Project stakeholders will strive together to enhance reintegration and improve public safety. Target outcomes include:

  • Reduced recidivism
  • Reduced substance abuse
  • Reduced homelessness
  • Improved health & wellness
  • Increased employment
  • Increased family connectedness
  • Increased systems collaboration

Detailed listing of TJC services in Microsoft Word format.