Behavioral Care Center (BCC)


Behavioral Care Center (BCC)

Facility Director: Lucy Easley,


About Us:

The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) Behavioral Care Center (BCC) is a state licensed adult supportive treatment facility providing gender responsive trauma-informed care to residents in a short-term residential setting as an alternative to jail. Residents who successfully complete the program will not face criminal charges and will be provided resources for continuation of care.

The BCC is a 60 bed facility that can house 30 males and 30 females. At maximum capacity, it is estimated that the facility will impact 1,500-2,000 individuals annually. DCSO’s facility is designed to be a treatment setting rather than a correctional one.

BCC Informational Flyer Download:



Our Program:

Sheriff Daron Hall and the DCSO work in collaboration with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, the District Attorney’s Office, and the Metropolitan Public Defender’s Office towards the goal of decriminalizing mental illness. These agencies, along with Wellpath and Mental Health Cooperative providers implement needs assessments and guidelines to determine which arrestees qualify for treatment at the BCC.

Criteria for the BCC includes:

• Mental health or substance use disorder diagnosis
• Misdemeanor and Felony charge level
• Acuity level low enough to actively participate in programming

Qualifying individuals will be diverted to the BCC rather than a jail facility and will begin the process of decriminalizing their arrest.


Treatment Plans:

Each resident receives an individualized treatment plan upon arrival at the BCC. Therapists use assessment tools to determine targeted areas of focus during treatment and anticipated length of stay.
Treatment at the BCC includes:

After stabilization at the BCC, the discharge specialist’s goal is to connect each resident with community resources and ensure continuity of care. Residents receive follow-up calls after discharge to confirm their plan is still working and to provide additional services as needed.




“Being in this program has given me the
ability to challenge my ideas and seek the
help I needed to better myself. I have
learned coping skills that will benefit me in
the outside world and I am ready to
transition into a healthy lifestyle.”


“The treatment here has helped me better
understand the triggers that lead me to
make bad decisions. This is the most help
I’ve ever received after getting arrested
and I’m looking forward to following up with
the Mental Health Co-op.”


“ My time here at the BCC helped me to
prepare for the next step in my
treatment . I probably would not have
been ready for the rehab center if I had
gone directly from jail.”




If you are interested in volunteering at the BCC as a certified peer recovery specialist (CPRS) apply at the link below.

BCC Team Volunteer App