Sheriff’s Office Headquarters

Officially opened in June, 2021, the Sheriff’s Office Headquarters is home to Davidson County Sheriff’s Office administrative staff, Civil Warrants Division, state-of-the-art training facilities, and the Office of the Sheriff.


710 S. Fifth Street – Nashville, TN

The following departments are located in the Sheriff’s Office Headquarters


Visitor parking is available on the upper deck of the Headquarters parking facility, with lobby access as well.  Once inside, visitors must sign-in at the security desk for all appointments, training, or other events.



Located in the main lobby of the Sheriff’s Office Headquarters is a museum highlighting the history of the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office.  Each exhibit was donated for display, and carefully designed by DCSO staff to give the tour as much information about the agency, past and present.  More information can be found on the Sheriff’s Headquarters Museum page.