COVID 19 Vaccine Information for Employees

DCSO Employee Vaccine Information:


**There are no longer special vaccine accommodations for DCSO employees.  Any employee now wishing to get the vaccine must use the TN Dept of Health, your primary care physician, or:

The Metro Health Department offers two options for COVID-19 Vaccines!

  • No Appointment Needed•

Music City Center (Free Parking in Lower Level Garage Entrance): The Pfizer vaccine is available through May 7th at Music City Center. Second doses will be administered at the same location, Music City Center, until May 28th.

The former K-Mart on Murfreesboro Road (Drive thru): Offers both the Pfizer and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine (single-dose).  The choice of vaccine is yours!

From a public health perspective, closures and other restrictions become necessary only when medical intervention isn’t readily available. Due to increased supply, COVID-19 vaccines are now readily available and are the preferred intervention for COVID-19.

Let’s keep our city open and each other safe!