How To File a Civil Paper

If you wish to file a paper yourself, as a plaintiff or agent in Davidson County, you must:

1. Go to the General Sessions Court Clerk’s Office, 408 2nd Avenue, North Suite 2110 Nashville, TN 37201, (phone 615-862-5195).

2. Blank warrants, information forms, and guidance will be furnished to you but no legal advice will be given. You will be charged a filing fee.

3. Be sure all of the information on the defendant is correct and complete, including phone numbers, a work address and employer name if possible.

4. In most cases, the warrant will be sent by the Clerk’s office to the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office for service. You set your own court date, as long as that date gives the officer a reasonable amount of time to effectively serve the papers to the defendant. It is important for you to include a current phone number for yourself so you can be notified of the Court date.