Officer and Employee of the Year Breakfast

July 19th, 2021

The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office once again celebrated our 2020 Officers and Employees of the Month.  We also announced our 2020 Officer and Employee of the Year, who were interviewed and selected by a community panel for their inspired leadership, hard work, and commitment to their careers.

Officer of the Year – Andrew Cromer
Employee of the Year – Reginald Scott

Congratulations to all of our 2020 honorees!

Employee of the Year

Employee of the Year – Anthony Cobb

Our Employee of the Year was born in Prince George County, Maryland before moving to Tennessee in 1974, and was raised in Pleasant View. He’s been with the DCSO for 12 years, and his duties include just about everything from concrete finishing, cabinet design, finish drywall, making keys, repairing vinyl tile, assembling retirement shadow boxes and even building the clock for the DCSO Christmas Float!

He enjoys being a father, carpentry, time at the range, food and wine tasting events and traveling. He has two beautiful intelligent and confident daughters, Saniyah, age 9 and Zoe age 7. He also has 3 siblings: Joe Cobb, Renee Cobb and Mary Thomas, who won Ambassador of the Year for the DCSO in 2011.

Of this award he says, “I consider it an honor as well as a call to action, to have been chosen as the 2018 employee of the year. and I will do my best to maintain a level of integrity, quality and consistency that this title deserves.”