Sheriff Daron Hall Working To Reduce Jail Population During COVID-19 National Public Health Emergency

Criminal justice system leaders must continue to reduce number of inmates in Davidson County jails as they balance public health and public safety

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nashville-Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall announced today he has initiated plans to reduce the number of inmates in sheriff’s office custody. Those include expansion of pre-trial release (PTR) criteria and elimination of the work release program. PTR participants are expected to double over the next few days and all work release inmates are being furloughed immediately.

“Additionally, I am working with Chief Public Defender Martesha Johnson by providing her lists of medically high-risk individuals who may qualify for release, including pregnant inmates,” Hall said. “As sheriff, I am working to reduce the number of individuals in our custody and it’s imperative all criminal justice leaders do the same.”

While many in the system work toward necessary releases, misdemeanor arrests have increased over the past two weeks. Hall emphasized in these unprecedented times, we must take bold action and the system cannot continue to operate under a “business as usual” mindset.

“As stated last week, we fully expect to have COVID-19 positive cases in our facilities. It’s critical we reduce the inmate population now. As criminal justice leaders we need to take action because of the serious impact this virus will have on sheriff’s office staff and inmates.” Hall concluded.


Sheriff Hall Announces Procedural Changes for Entering DCSO Facilities

DCSO Employees –

As you might imagine, we are working to keep our pulse on the latest information circulating about COVID-19 or Coronavirus. I need you to keep an eye on the Monitor while at work and social media, when home, for announcements/decisions leadership is making – because much of it involves you.

Beginning Thursday at 3 p.m., all employees, vendors, or others who walk through checkpoint will have their temperature taken by a DCSO staff member (infrared/no touch thermometer). This includes attorneys. If an individual’s temperature is 100 degrees or above, he/she will be refused entry into the facility.

Each facility has detailed post instructions for the employee checking the temperatures, instructions for the Lt. should someone register 100 or above, and a document that will be provided to any person who is denied entry due to a fever. We anticipate a version of this procedure will be in place at all DCSO locations/divisions by next week.

I ask each of you to remain vigilant in facility/personal space sanitation as health officials continue to emphasize:

  • Wash your hands;
  • Clean your work space;
  • Practice social distancing when possible;
  • Cover your mouth and nose (not with your hands) when coughing or sneezing;
  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose, or mouth;
  • Stay home if you are sick.

Thanks for all you are doing to keep our agency operating during this time of national and local crisis.

Be safe and well,

Sheriff Daron Hall

NEWS RELEASE: Sheriff Announces Operational Changes To Reduce Coronavirus Exposure


03132020                   615.862.8235

Priority is making staff and inmate environment as safe as possible

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nashville-Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall announced Friday he has implemented changes to reduce the chances of Davidson County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) employees and inmates being exposed to Coronavirus, COVID-19. Those changes, all beginning Monday, include non-essential, non-public safety employees working from home, video visitation for inmates (exception made for attorneys), and volunteer programs are suspended until further notice. Clergy may schedule video visits.

In a correctional environment, cleaning measures are always of utmost importance; however, DCSO understands these are unique times and is taking extra cleaning measures to ensure safety of both staff and inmates. Center for Disease Control posters are hanging in all facilities and inmate housing areas indicating how to stop the spread of germs and how to recognize symptoms. Personal protective equipment is available for staff and leadership is emphasizing: Wash Your Hands.

“At this point, we have not had any employees or inmates present with symptoms, but we anticipate that happening,” Hall said. “Although we are a microcosm of the community, our population is high risk for communicable diseases. We are working closely with the health care provider, contracted through the health department. Any housing decisions, when it comes to presumptive cases will be directed by medical staff.”

 The Day Reporting Program and DUI Safety School, located at 1417 Murfreesboro Pike, will suspend programming until further notice. Additionally, those required to self-report and serve “weekend time” will be credited for their time upon arrival, then immediately released. Individuals who received a citation and are scheduled to report for booking at the Justice A.A. Birch Building, should not report. In conjunction with court closures, this process will be closed until April 13. Hall hopes these procedures assist in limiting exposure and is exploring alternatives to decrease the number of incarcerated.

 “Over the past couple of days, I have been in conversation with various Nashville criminal justice leaders regarding the reduction of our overall inmate population. Some ideas we are considering include releasing medically, high-risk inmates, releasing those approaching the end of their sentence, and expanded use of citations in lieu of physical arrests. 

According to Hall, DCSO’s correctional leadership remains networked on a national level regarding COVID-19 trends and actions necessary to limit exposure. They have participated in numerous conference calls on this subject to stay informed and watched a webinar earlier today.

Finally, in an effort to create “social distancing,” upcoming DCSO-sponsored events that bring large crowds of employees together have been postponed until further notice.


Video Visitation Information

In an effort to reduce chances of exposure to COVID-19, beginning Monday March 16, inmate visits will be video only.


A customer must have an account set up. If they do not they must go to

Go to and log into your account. Go to your Securus Video ConnectSM account tile and click Schedule Session. If they have already requested access and have been approved, they will see the schedule visit button. Select Schedule Session under the Onsite section.

Select Location- Type of Visit (Public or Video), add additional visitors’ information if needed, enter verification, and click Next.

Search for Incarcerated Individual by First and Last name or ID, click Find Inmate, select the incarcerated individual and click Next.

Select Relation to incarcerated individual, Duration, Date, Time, review Terms and Conditions, check the box next to I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions and click Confirm Session.


Onsite Video Sessions – without Account
From the upper right-hand corner of the screen select Solutions, under the Video Products, select Schedule an Onsite Visit

Select the State, Facility, Guest Details, select location- Public Visitation, enter Additional Visitor Information (if needed), enter verification, and click Next.

Search for the incarcerated individual by either their First and Last Name or ID, click Find Inmate, select the incarcerated individual from the list provided and click Next.

Select Appointment Details (Duration, Date and Time), read the Terms and Conditions, check box next to I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, click Confirm Session. Print out your appointment information.

Refund requests can be filed

NEWS RELEASE: Inmate Death

March 13, 2020

At approximately 11:46 a.m., officers responded to the Hill Detention Center cell of inmate Drew Stennett, 32. Upon arrival, he was found unresponsive. A code green was called and correctional staff initiated CPR immediately. Stennett, who was seen by medical earlier today
and medically screened during the booking process, was transported to Nashville General Hospital at Meharry and pronounced deceased at 12:27 p.m.

He was arrested and booked Thursday on a probation violation with an arrest history of Driving Under the Influence, driving on a suspended license, and aggravated assault.

The investigation is ongoing and foul play is not suspected. Coronavirus is also not suspected. Autopsy and toxicology reports are pending.

Administrative Staff Relocated

Due to the recent tornado which hit downtown Nashville, the DCSO Administration building has relocated to the Sheriff’s North Complex at 612 W Due West Ave, Madison, TN 37115. Administration staff includes:

  • Sheriff and Chiefs
  • Human Resources Division
  • Technology Division
  • Finance Division
  • Community Relations Division
  • Communications Division

Thank you for your patience as we complete the move.

Sheriff’s Sale – June 29th

June 29th, 11:00 AM

By virtue of an execution and Levy #17GC24454 issued by General Sessions Court of Davidson County, Tennessee, I will expose to sale to the highest bidder, for cash, at 11:00 o’clock AM., on the 29th day of June, 2020, at


the following, to-wit:

2007 FORD EDGE VIN#2FMDK39C07BB66730

known as the property of Talton O. Moore

to satisfy a judgement in favor of Julius L. Jackson

against Talton O. Moore

This, the 8th day of June , 2020

Philip Crowell
Deputy Sheriff

Levy #17GC24454 issued by General Sessions Court of Davidson County, Tennessee



You are hereby notified that by virtue of a Court Order issued by Judge Joe P. Binkley, Jr., Fifth Circuit Court, Nashville, Tennessee, I have been ordered to sell, by judicial foreclosure, Clifford F. Stewart and Glenna D. Stewart (also known as Suzanne F. Stewart) entire interest as tenants by entirety in the real estate located at 7571 Brownlee Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 37205, more specifically described as:


6571 Brownlee Drive

Lot No. 65 on the Plan of West Meade Hills, Section 3 as of record in Book 3300, page 8, Register’s Office for Davidson County, Tennessee, to which plan reference is hereby made for a more complete and accurate legal description.


Being the same property conveyed to Clifford F. Stewart and Suzanne F. Stewart as tenants by the entirety, by deed of record in Book 5388, page 348, Register’s Office for Davidson County, Tennessee.


This sale is pursuant to Rule 69, Tennessee Rules of Civil Procedure and is in satisfaction (whole or in part depending on amount of sale) of the judgement balance in the amount of $903,499.45 against Glenna D. Stewart (also known as Suzanne F. Stewart) rendered on June 24, 2019 (which includes a judgment entered on November 17, 2009 in the amount of $653,499.45), and a judgement balance in the amount of $110,000.00 against Clifford F. Stewart rendered on June 24, 2019, in the case of Bonnie Oordt v. Glenna D. Stewart and Clifford Stewart, Case No. 16C-119 in the Fifth Circuit Court for Davidson County, Tennessee, plus costs.


By order of the court sale, the sale of this property shall be made subject to all valid liens against the properties and in bar of all of the defendant’s rights of repurchase, redemption and all other rights and exemptions of every kind, the title vesting in the purchaser to be absolute.


All property is sold “as is”.  No warranties or guarantees are made, expressed or implied.


On the 14th day of July, 2020, at 10:00 a.m., at the front door of the Metro Courthouse, One Public Square, Nashville, TN 37201, I will sell the above properties in satisfaction of said judgment together with all legal costs accruing.


Terms of sale:  Cash, Certified Check or Receipt on Judgment


The following persons interested in this sale: _____

Clifford F. Stewart a/k/a Clifford Stewart

Glenna D. Stewart a/k/a/ Suzanne F. Stewart a/k/a Dalton Stewart a/k/a Susan White a/k/a Gleana S. Stewart a/k/a Gleana S. Dalton Flavin Stewart a/k/a Mischelle S. White


Sheriff’s Sale Court Case No. 16C-119 Fifth Circuit Court

List of Davidson County Sheriffs

1783: Daniel Williams
1785: Thomas Marston
1787: David Wray
1788: Thomas Hickman
1789: Sampson Williams
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